Hey guys :) It’s  been a while, but I just made a new texture pack of various sizes containing 7 textures as usual.

You can download here @da

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M I G H T Y   preview // code 

250/500px posts 

Optional captions 

Optional update tabs 

Optional tiny cursor

In-page links - askbox + 3 links (this means a little window shows up but it’s not a pop-up link!) 

Home button in title 

A tiny bit of html knowledge is required and here are some useful instructions 

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Do not steal or use as base code
Do not remove the credit


static preview code 

  • 400px OR 500px posts
  • 6 custom links
  • 120x120px sidebar image
  • 120px high banner image
  • please don’t steal, use as base code or remove credit 
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7x7 icons

Here are some icons I made for my theme.

  • They’re free to use (credit not needed)
  • They’re transparent
  • You may change the colors in ps, ms paint, pixlr etc.

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theme 1: v i t a

preview & download 

  • 400/500px
  • 5 custom links
  • yellow and/or underline hover

version with 200x110 sidebar: download

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Theme 002: Float by evabadon. Optimized for Google Chrome.

Static preview : Code + Theme Specs

I’m back with another original theme! It’s very simple with small features to accentuate the look. Please let me know if there are any glitches, and read the Theme Specs before asking any questions. Thank you and enjoy!

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Need to find a new way to make links not so monotonous? When you use even, odd, and nth child selectors you can break up the color pattern. Under the read more explains how to utilize this neat CSS feature.

Up Next: How to Make a Search Bar!

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